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Sweat Smells Good Value T-shirt

Sweat Does Smell Good!

Gary wears this shirt to the gym. He likes a good heavy workout and he drenches this shirt.

"If I've sweat a lot then I did a good session."

You can't argue with Gary ... well you could, but most people don't.

If you're serious about your training you're going to sweat - a lot. The harder you work the more you sweat - the smell of sweat is the smell of your hard work and it smells good!

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Personal Best x1.5 Value T-shirt

Harder, Try Harder

Sean was so pleased when he could deadlift 200lbs that a mate got him this shirt when he got to 300lbs.

"He was so made up when he got the 200lbs and he put so much hard work into getting beyond that - he deserved to get it written across his chest."

This design is great for you or someone you know as an incentive or a badge of honour. For anything - pressing half again as much weight, running half as far again, whatever you do - do it more and do it with this design.

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Lubricate on each use. Sweatshirt Replace nozzle in holster. Ash Grey T-Shirt Mop up spills! Men's Sleeveless Tee

Toolshop Reminders

There are some things we just can't seem to remember to do and sometimes not just in the garage.

Who do you know who forgets to lubricate, replace things where they found them or mop up afterwards. I'll bet there's someone who springs to mind... Just the one??

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Fools not tolerated. Trucker Hat Fools not tolerated. Mug

Grumpy Doug

He's been there, seen it, done it and got the T shirt.

He's as helpful as can be to someone who needs help, but anyone who's just stupid, well, they'd better think first before opening their mouth.

Marcia got him the mug for his desk and Bob got him the hat - it's ventilated for when you can see the steam rising from his head.

Who do you know he needs one of these?

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Alarm 1251: Alcohol level low Ash Grey T-Shirt

There's A Time And A Place

Stevie's a great bloke, but get a drink inside him and he shines, not too little and not too much, just enough.

He can be very serious, but lubricate him a bit and he'll tell some wild stories, when he was in the army, what happened when he got back to civvy street and where he's been till now.

When he starts to dry up his throat is dry in more ways than one.

"Get him another pint - we want to know what happened next!"

There's a time and a place to be sober. This shirt is for when it's not.

Bloke Shirts encourages responsible drinking.

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Alarm 17: Self esteem exceeds Ringer T

A Head So Big It Could Explode

This is the shirt they got Chris. It's difficult to see in the photo, but it says:

"Self esteem exceeds safety limits."

It kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it.


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